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Victoria grew up in the South, which she believes to be the root of many of her charming idiosyncrasies.  Early in life she expressed her creativity on-stage in children's and regional theater.  She chased her acting dreams to New York at the age of 21, expecting worldwide acclaim to follow; years of struggle finally convinced her that fame and fortune had either lost her address or were hiding out at Susan Sarandon's place.  On her mother's advice, she turned to writing to feed her creative spirit.  She laughingly says she was equally surprised to find herself unpublished for many years.  

In Lifelines Victoria brings vivid images of New York City to her writing, yet weaves detailed scenes of the burning Civil War South, an ancient tribal culture, and medieval battles into her heroine's journeys across centuries of lifetimes. Where do those "memories, stories and images come from within us?  Both dreaming and waking, our brains and imaginations seem to have a life of their own:  creating scenes, feelings and sensations that are often unexplainable. Do these come from previous lifetimes?  Victoria thinks they do, as so many others.  There seems no other explanation for having the knowledge of other people and places and the emotions that flow so easily from within. Victoria says that the result of the past life flashbacks she has had from time to time throughout her life is that she has no other choice but to believe in reincarnation.

Currently residing with her beloved husband and their cats, Victoria is a happy workaholic who travels extensively, both by plane and in her own imagination.  Victoria considers her husband, the cats and the workaholism to be fairly permanent; everything else is a moveable feast.


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When vivacious Rhiannon O'Rourke meets no-nonsense NYPD detective Daniel McKenzie, the attraction is immediate.  Even the fact that he's investigating the murder of wealthy Alexander Carr while she is defending Carr's accused wife can't keep the two apart.  Yet when Rhiannon begins having bizarre daydreams of a man and woman living in centuries past, she fears the stress of her career may have finally begun to take its toll.  See Review

December 21, 2009
Borders Books carries Lifelines in NY Area stores!

November 13, 2009
Kirkus Reviews Lifelines, says "The intelligent prose and sheer scope make the novel consistently engaging, clever and enjoyable.
An ambitious multigenre novel."

October 8, 2009
Lifelines is released by the publisher!

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